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OmniForce Front-end Squad’s Dark Lord CSS

Gaurav Chafe

Head Offshore aka Artisan

My relation with Computers began with the love of PC games as a kid and later with age it transformed into using the power of computers and web to deliver real world solutions to businesses of all size. Having technical as well as managerial education helps me to quickly analyse problems and identify solutions to the same.

All Star Powers
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The good, bad en ugly?
All Star Powers
  • Computer Engineering Degree
  • Masters Degree (Int Business & Marketing)
  • Certified in Digital Marketing
  • Web & WordPress Development
  • Mobile Sites Optimisation / css
  • Search Engine Optimisation
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Having both technical and managerial experience of working, I begin by understanding the complexity of the problem. Then after analysing it, I break it down into smaller tasks which are further delegated to take action upon. I like having a thorough update of my projects which in turn helps me plan, execute and deliver my best.

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What do you get when you combine an Engineer and a Manager? Lets add 3 pounds of an Indian brain to it and mix thoroughly? Well you get someone who is a master at getting things done easily, quickly and efficiently. Better known in India as Jugaad. (A quick and efficient solution)

Knows how to start a conversation in Dutch.

Goedmorgen! Alles goed?

Dank je!

NB from colleagues: Namaste to u too Gaurav. But it’s: ‘Goedemorgen juffrouw Jannie..’. The e is missing you see? See this training video pls 

The good, bad en ugly?

Neither optimistic nor pessimistic. I am a realistic.

No point in debating if the glass is half filled with water or half empty. If you want it to be filled fully, you need to get up and fill the glass yourself, no one is going to do it fo you. Or sit with an empty glass. Life is as simple as that!

Gaurav Chafe - Head Offshore Development OmniLeads

“Don’t be the same… be BETTER!”